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School of Broadcasting Journalism


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School of Broadcasting Journalism

Program Introduction

Mapping the field of Algorithmic Journalism

Forbes has rolled out an Artificial Intelligence-powered Content Management System called Bertie that suggests content and titles. The Washington Post released Heliograf that can generate entire articles from quantitative data, Bloomberg is using Cyborg for content creation and management, and other Artificial Intelligence systems are being used or tested by The Guardian, Associated Press, and Reuters. Many of these organizations are using artificial intelligence to generate shareholder reports, legal documents, press releases, general reports, and articles.

Artificial intelligence is a great resource to help cover things where reporters can  always get to for example local sports and local political elections.

Technology influences journalism in terms of news production as well as the future structure and organization of the news industry. With algorithms editing, aggregating, publishing, and distributing content, processes of media production and consumption are increasingly being automated.

This project investigates the theoretical, economic and technological implications of automated news production in journalism and is termed Algorithmic Journalism.


  • Develop analytical skills to broadcast information based on personal behavior of people
  • To build intelligent systems which can collect, collate and process information and generate trending
    insights across the world
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Aim of the

Beyond the technical skills a learner will:

  • How to produce the news by managing video and audio equipment
  • Locating news sources
  • Properly conducting interviews
  • Writing scripts for TV or radio
  • Recording sound clips
  • Editing audio and video


Career paths

  • Reporters and Correspondents
  • Anchors
  • Directors
  • Narrators (who provide voice-overs for segments)
  • Writers
  • Research directors
  • Producers
  • Audio engineers
  • Production assistants
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